Parametric Landmark (EN)

Emotion constructed

10 Days, 30 Workshops, 300 Participants. The International Festival of Art & Construction (IFAC) is built around alternative construction methods. In separate workshops, participants develop concepts for sustainable construction projects and implement them within the framework of the disciplines of design, art, architecture and engineering. This year’s IFAC took place at the eco-village in the Dutch town of Bergen.
For the 2015 IFAC, we prepared and conducted a workshop not only to implement the idea of an innovative construction project, but also to share our passion for design and architecture.

Parametric Landmark

The general idea of the workshop was to design, build and illuminate an accessible wooden sculpture that visually and structurally meshes with its surroundings. To implement a parametric design, we used digital media as a shaping tool. The participants collected, discussed, interpreted and chose the required parameters on-site. The focus was on emotional and subjective parameters found in the direct vicinity of the festival area.


Making contrasts visible

The eco village in Bergen offers a location full of contrasts through its military past and its transformation into a sustainable location. We wanted to make these contrasts visible and create a field of tension that surrounds the location in positive connotations.

The interplay of contrasts is reflected by the choice of the basic shape: a grid form developed beforehand through an objective analysis of the location. The collected subjective and emotional parameters changed and morphed the basic shape during the workshop. These parameters included visual, acoustic and haptic perceptions, connections and perceived presences.


Digital extension

After construction was completed, the sculpture was extended through another layer created using a digital projection: Parallel to construction, we developed a projection concept based on the emotional parameters collected. For this purpose, participants drew, wrote, filmed, illustrated and animated, which in turn resulted in a digital projection concept based on location and the emotions of the participants. At the end of the festival, we illuminated the sculpture with these projections and thus provided an emotional conclusion to a creative and educational project.


10 days, 12 workshop participants from 6 different nations, 50 m² wood and 250GB of data formed a parametric sculpture that fit perfectly into the attitude of the festival.